During Thierry Dentice’s formative years, Thierry was always quite cognizant of other people who were much less fortunate than he, and he was very much drawn to the systemic nature of power and its ubiquitous presence in daily social relations. In particular, Thierry was interested in the Foucauldian discourse analysis, especially in the so-called theory of power that impalpably endorses social relations and which impose particular perspectives as normative, and in the different theoretical traditions underpinning economic and social inequity and inequality. Multiple readings, and discussions with friends and college professors, fueled his personal interrogations and helped Thierry challenge assumptions and confront preconceptions.

Thierry Dentice Profile Pic2Thierry’s dedication to making the World a better place is quite evident through his professional efforts working on behalf of both development and humanitarian organisations. While he started his professional career in financial institutions and also owned private companies in Burundi and Belgium, he soon realized that his heart and dreams were in opposite directions and, therefore, in 1996 he traveled to Kinshasa, DRC, to work as the Financial Controller for the European Commission Delegation. Here, Thierry helped establish the first PAR structure – Programme d’Appui a la Rehabilitation – through the development and implementation of sustainable, long-term financial management systems. This programme exists to this day, almost nineteen years after its inception, in the DRC and Thierry feels extremely proud to have played a small but important part in this success story.

In addition to his sheer passion and dedication for improving the lives of the less fortunate across the Globe, Thierry Dentice is passionate about cooking. Additionally, Thierry and his wife enjoy traveling.